Why Pre-Ordering a Book Matters

This is me:
A new author coming out of nowhere—no history, no one’s ever heard of me.

On the other hand, 5,000+ new books are published every day on Amazon alone. That’s 3.4 million e-books out there, and counting, but e-books are relatively new and ridiculously small compared to the 48.5 million paperback and hardcover books! 48.5 MILLION…

Squint your eyes reeeeeaally tight and maybe you’ll find me somewhere in this ocean of titles wide enough for a whale to drown. Maybe… Although, no, I honestly believe I’d have better odds finding a toy in my twins’ messy bedroom.

What YOU can do

Amazon has charts. And these charts are based on sales.

I need to rise in those charts, which will increase my visibility, and to do that, I need you to spend $0.99. (Pretty please.) That’s why I put the price so low in the first place—and not half of it comes back to me.

Not only do I need you to buy my book on Amazon.Com (Yes, even if you’re not in the US, even if you don’t use Kindle, if you don’t like/don’t have time/can’t read and never do), but I also need you to tell your friends to buy it, and have them tell their friends to buy it as well. (It is super important that I have a sales history on D DAY.)

So, come on, it’s $0.99—cheaper than an espresso shot, but you buying it will be as stimulating, and maybe I still won’t know where I stand, but I’ll know where you do:

PS/ If you’re interested into knowing more about the whole Amazon charts and sales process, check out this article.

Good deed for the day: