A Second Novel to Come

There are several stories in my head. Stories I want to tell, but once I have written the first third to half of it, I get stuck for one reason or another—so, until completion, they’re neatly stored in a “WIPs” folder that I try to visit now and then.

Therefore, when I began writing last month on yet another premise, I thought this one would also end up in that folder of doom.

No one was more surprised than me to be wrong.

I’m so excited to—finally—have news to share on the writing front: I completed the first draft of a second novel! I can’t say much about it yet since I’m only at the beginning of the process and I’m not even entirely settled on the title, but I can at least say that it’s not a sequel to Phoenix. This has new, hugely likeable characters, and is very different from my first novel. Even the genre is different: it’s a romance—bordering on chick lit.

If that’s the genre you like to read, I’ll be looking for beta readers—not soon-soon, but soon as in after the many necessary rounds of editing and revising. But still: Yay.