Exciting News for Phoenix

I barely hit the publish button on a post stating a disheartening release and some mistakes I’d made when, as if on cue, as if to prove me wrong, as if to cheer me up, I received two emails as unexpected and reinvigorating as could be. The first one was from Kobo Writing Life, and […]

Mid-November News

Yes, we’re there, at this time of year where hundreds of thousands of established or aspiring authors are immersed in their next projects for a whole month of intense writing. I’m participating for the first time, and after debating with myself about the different options I had—one of which being to finish drafting Phoenix’s sequel—I […]

Phoenix’s Countdown

I’m keeping them here as an archive and in case they give someone else an idea; here’s what I did on Facebook and Instagram in the weeks/days that led to release day.

Learning to Accept Criticism

All I share on Facebook are very good to amazing reviews, but as you can imagine, they’re not all good: I’ve had three “mediocre” to bad. At first, I was saddened, of course, and even more so, frustrated, because the “badder” one contained important spoilers, so I couldn’t share it although it held some definitely […]

Enter to Win a Kindle E-Reader or a Paperback Copy of my Debut Novel

To celebrate the launch of my debut novel, I’m offering a Paperback copy of 24 Hours of the Phoenix for every 15 Kindle edition orders or pre-orders, as well as a Kindle E-Reader if I have a minimum of 50 entrants. If you have already pre-ordered the book on amazon.com, it goes without saying that […]