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Dear readers,

Between my work-in-progress du jour, my endless reading, my everyday life, and the translation of my novel, I’ve been largely away from social media and from promoting my book—though, to be honest, advertising has never been my forte. Now, I’m just days away from querying the French version of 24 Hours of the Phoenix, and I’d love to have a fresh set of new reviews. Therefore, if you’re a GoodReads reviewer, I would like to send you the English Kindle version.

To whet your appetite, let me tell you what it’s about, using the very words of Michelle, a reviewer from GoodReads.

“Phoenix Collins may be only twenty-one years old, but she only has twenty-four hours left to live. At least, that’s what she overhears when she abruptly wakes up one morning in a hospital bed. She quickly tries to figure out why she might be dying but realizes she can’t remember anything at all. Finding herself trapped in the present moment with no future and no past, Phoenix impulsively jumps up and breaks herself out of the hospital.
So begins this fast-paced roller coaster of a novel by new author Caroline Bertaud. It definitely checks all the boxes of the thriller genre, as it’s full of plot twists and intrigue, yet for all of this book’s rollicking action, the heart of the story is, well, its heart. I may have been hooked from the very first moment but what ultimately drew me into the story was the exploration of redemption, forgiveness, and deep, powerful love—between lovers, yes, but also between parents and children, between siblings, and between friends.
The writing itself is superb as well, with Bertaud knowing just when to speed up during a suspenseful part but then slow it down again so we have no choice but to ponder right along with the heroine: What would we do if faced with such an impossible situation? Who would we run to if we learned our time was running out? How would we choose to spend our last moments?”

Read the Kirkus Review here or other GoodReads reviews here, and, if you’re interested, shoot me a message through GoodReads. Thanks!


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