Born and raised in Paris, save for a few years’ detour in Marrakesh, I went into computer sciences after minoring in physics and chemistry at Université de Versailles for lack of a better ideabut then what I was going to do with such a degree was completely lost on me. I had plenty of things I wanted to experience, I wanted to be different, I was a dreamer… Oddly enough though, computers were in none of my dreams.

Passionate about cinema and fascinated by theater, I decided to change course completely and then graduated from the renowned French drama school Les Cours Florent where I transformed into a night owl as I enrolled in as many extra classes as I humanly could—Acting in English and most especially Playwriting were two of them.

Chance was on my side when, freshly out of school, I knocked at a production company’s door with a few of my texts underarm, hoping for the dream job, and became a professional writer for a very popular humorous TV show. And then two others after a couple years.

It lasted five years, but as far as I can remember I’ve always written—my diary in elementary school, short movies in middle school, film reviews in high school, fanfictions in college, a three-act play in drama school. It was the only logical thing that a novel came next.

My all-time favorite authors are William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie…but newcomers have joined the list since then.

I live with my crew on a small paradisiac island in the Caribbean where beaches are exceptionally great to get lost in a book but where the caffeine addict that I am most misses the Parisian bistros.